The Halted Traveller

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“The term ‘halted traveller’ is usually associated with German romantic painters like Caspar David Friedrich, to describe a person seen from behind facing a landscape. The lonely wanderer appears to have been halted by the view of the landscape.

This implies to us as a viewer that there is perhaps more to the landscape than we see. One can also identify with the figure. His posture invites you to imagine what he feels facing this landscape in front of his and your eyes.”

Visit The Halted Traveller by Damien Rayuela here.


Kanzashi are hair ornaments used in Japanese hairstyles.

Kanzashi were first used in Japan during the Jōmon period. During that time, a single thin rod or stick was considered to have mystical powers which could ward off evil spirits, so people would wear them in their hair. This is also when some of the first predecessors of the modern Japanese hair comb began to appear.


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These beautiful delicate kanzashi are made by Sakae: