Embrace the Rain

I love the rain… The steady pitter-pattering of the raindrops on my window panes, the splashing of the rain in the lanes, the light spritz and blurry mist, how rain feels when it hits my skin, the way rain smells; fresh and clean, the little floods spilling over the drains, the twirling of umbrellas in the rain, the slanted sheets that blur the sight of the earth, seeing little kids laughing joyously while stepping on puddles, the cold and strong winds galore, the sound of a little sprinkle turning into an all out downpour, the dark clouds across the sky they loom, the little crackle the thunder makes before the big boom, magnificent lightnings flashing across the sky, how the weather makes me more alive, the pelting bullets, the silvery rivulets, down my face the rain would drip, how I can cuddle in bed for a good comfy sleep, the wait for rainbows yet to come, the appearance of them; I am undone.

Some people view rain as a bad omen, or simply an inconvenience.. But to me, rain is beautiful. It’s therapeutic and calming for the soul. I see it as the cleansing of the earth, how things become purified, and how movements of the earth slow down cos of rain. When it rains heavily, I feel free..happy..and I savour the raw energy rain brings…

Ahhh… I love the rain…


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