Fragile Breath

Sometimes life, or rather the fragility of it, upends and strikes you hard in the face.

Or maybe I should say, the fragility of human beings, not life.

A moment of shock. Then you get worried. Disbelieving. Panicky. And very, very scared. And then infinite thoughts rush into your mind – What what what is this I am seeing Is this for real What should I do now Should I get help Should I call someone I don’t know what to do I feel helpless Don’t cry now It is not the time Call someone now Now NOW Run and get help Are you breathing Did you take those pills Did you take too much The bottle is way too empty Are you alright are you are you Are those shallow breaths Why did you do that Why why why Breath breath properly deeply Don’t leave don’t go don’t go don’t go There are so many things yet undone Please don’t do this Please stay.

A tenuous thread separates life and death.


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