Torn Apart


Enough of the roller-coaster emotions, the obligations, the expectations of others, the denials, the help to be offered, the fake meaningless words, the need, the conflicts, the lies, the alcohol, the wondering, the pretending, the volatility, the dependency, the late nights, the mind games, the ignoring, the playing, the struggle, the constant battle, the invisible dance, the pretense, the feigned interest, the excuses, the unwanted phonecalls, the unseen waterfalls, the actions, the avoidance, the heavy steps forward, the double entendres, the requests, the spiraling, the broken trust, the vagueness, the loneliness, the ridiculous jokes, the one-way road, the justifications, the frustrations, the everything.

Have you guys milked enough out of me, or is it not sufficient yet?

Oh God,
I need directions.
What am I doing, what is happening to me…


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