Whoever Will Be

Someday, I will no longer hear words of love and affection,
nor share in close friends’ secret whispers,
I will be lost in social conversations,
and be distanced from people’s laughter.
Will you be my ears and help me listen?

Someday, the rustle of leaves will be music long gone,
and the dripping water from a tap, a sound of the past,
no more will I be able to appreciate the melody of a song,
and the enjoyment of the windchimes’ tinkling, a difficult task.
Will you hold my hand and give me strength?

Someday, I will not hear the shrill rings of the telephone,
nor be aware of the sweet chimes of the doorbell,
I will not be able to interpret television news on my own,
nor the knockings on the door will I be able to tell.
Will you stand by me and give me comfort?

Someday, my world will turn to complete darkness,
and I will be set apart from others,
what follows thereafter will be pain and loneliness,
and I will be unable to control the changes of my world.
Will you hold me close, and wipe away my tears?


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