The Gaps of Time

I sleep.

I see people and I see myself, but they do not notice me because I am a specter. the smile of a friend as she asked me, me who I can see, if I would like to borrow her dress, a concerned glance of a colleague who noticed the sadness in my eyes, a vivacious little kid calling out my name and running to hug me. they pass by me; slowly at first, picking up speed with each ticking second til everything around me becomes a blur of colours. fleeting scenes, passing glimpses. I reach out to touch them, but they move away from me. or is it me who is speeding ahead?

where is my subconscious bringing me to? where am I going?

time abruptly slow down and roll to a halt. there you are, your enigmatic eyes searching me. you gaze at me without a smile, without expression. suddenly, I feel real.

you reached for my hand and the world slipped from beneath our feet, bringing us to another world, and then another. we dashed through the grassy fields, the wind rushing past our skin. we danced under the starlit sky to music only we could hear, the shadows of the night swallowing us up. we ran and we ran, on moonlit golden-brown beaches, into sparkling green deep woods, across wind-swept sand of the sahara desert, along rocky stairs of mountains. the air was cool but it was also warm as we fell into worlds which were neither here nor there.

what were we searching for? who were we running away from?

we finally reached the jagged edges of the cliffs and all was quiet. there was no path forward except down. you nodded to the question in my eyes and I jumped, a short distance down, landing painfully on rock-hewn ground. two bundles came hurtling, one hitting me, inciting sassy retorts from me. then you jumped and you landed, with your head cushioned in my lap. my words died halfway in my mouth as we stared at each other. and this was the moment I have with you, a moment that belonged only to us.

the alarm rang, everything went black. I wake and I am alone.


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