Dance with the Devil

we dance. the lights are turned down low and bodies are moving in sync to the pounding rhythm. the music runs through me; i hear it in my ears my mind my bones my soul. my hair cascades carelessly down my face my neck onto my shoulders as i tilt my head about. i open my eyes and see him watching me while he dances. he slides behind me and grasps me by the waist. we dance close together, shoulders and hips moving in perfect unison. we dance apart, spinning twirling and laughing out loud. we blend ourselves into the music, all turning to one. we dance slowly, sensually, face touching face. we dance fast, with frenzied movements, a sheen of prespiration covering our bodies. my legs are numb, his breath comes out quick, my cheeks are tinged pink, his damp dark hair clings to his face.

the music halts abruptly. i wake up, my heart pounding madly, and i know that he is not with me.


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