One For My Baby

it was glorious and I won’t ever forget.

the night is dark and the air is cool and fresh. everything flows by fluidly in shadows by the dim shimmering glow of the street lamps. I feel the wind rushing past me in a low humming tone as I cling on to you in part fear, part exhilaration. my hair whipped about crazily, dancing wildly with the wind, tangling in its grasp. zero to a hundred in four seconds. I turn back only to see the other lights fading into the distance, and I let out a peel of laughter. freedom, I think to myself, freedom in its rawest form.

we reach the highway and you accelerate, bringing my heartbeat to a high. the empty road ahead stretches to infinity, as far as the eye could see. time slows down, and this is our time together as we fly along, and nothing else exists for that moment, except for you, and me, and the ever-constant wind.


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