The Merchant of Venice

sometimes it kills me, because i want so much more – isn’t that human nature?, but i wish there could be more, release me, and i think of it everyday; imagined how it would be like, wondered how it would feel like, tested out how it would sound like even though this is more than i could have ever dreamt of six months ago.

it hurts to close my eyes; i find myself caught between ecstasy and longing, everything is intense, painful. i welcome the emotions, let them seep into every pore of my soul and drown me, yet part of me push them away, and i didn’t know this then, save me, but i am running away and i am running scared and you just have to stop me before i…

if i could travel the continuum of time, i would keep going back and forth to re-live precious moments, not through memories like how the mind always does but by doing so. and you, you would be there with me in every step of the way, protect me, there, and then, here, and now because time would be fluid and we would have all that we want at the snap of our fingers, unlike now where time is keeping us apart.

had we but world enough, and time. love me.


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