Time After Time


I went up north during the weekend, and glimpses of you were all around. You posing by the strange stone figurine, taking ‘peace signs’ photographs. You happily snapping shots of the church some of us went to. You standing on the steps of the red house in your striped pullover, hurrying us into the house. Those were the last really-good memory of all of us having fun together, and I remember, how you told me you truly enjoyed yourself then.


Are you happy, wherever you are? Are you in a place where pain is unheard of? Are you in a Heaven where no tears need to be shed? Where, where are you now?


It is MT week this coming week. I remember how much you had wanted to help out. I remember your enthusiasm. I remember the Bangkok trip the three of us planned to take in April, a sort of celebration for good and hard work done. And now they all turn to dust.



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