His love is timeless.

For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son…

We were slightly late for service at Trinity today [thank you Yh & Jms, for rushing us there], so we got ushered into the chapel instead of 4th floor where Meimei, Ad and Ed were at [whew, what a mouthful.].

The play was good, though not as ‘powerful’ as the previous one. But it was alright because what matters was that I wanted to be there and I was there, to thank Him, to celebrate Him, to open up to Him.

It is such a secret place. When [one of] the pastor spoke of how his wife had to enter [delete place name] because she fell seriously ill, something in me turned to ice. It was as if the ice automatically formed to protect that fragile bit which contained a huge torrent of rain. The pastor’s words ran by me blindly, The room was such a cold place. Bare minimals. There was only a bed, a toilet and all the walls were white. and.. all I could think of was you, friend, and how terribly lonely and hopeless you might have felt when you were there. I know I tried to block you out of my mind.. because it was too difficult to deal…

Anyway. I sat there quietly, got all normal emo, and was embarrassed cos Rich Monde was there beside Little Miss Emo-Me. Wonder if he finds it irritating that the emo-ness is there everytime we go for service. =/

His love is timeless.

Sometimes I feel that I’m ready to give my all, yet why is there this small bit of hesitation in me? Could it be.. fear?


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