I Only Have Eyes For You

Been drowning myself in Buffy the Vampire Slayer series lately.

I like BTVS since a long time ago, from the first episode in fact. It’s not simply a fluff show about make-believe monsters and vampires and good-looking students on campus. Yes, it is about a world of horror and fantasy, but the ongoing subplots do not feel like storylines. They feel like people’s lives. Real. Gritty. School, joy, love, pain, change, suffering, life, it is a series that speaks to viewers because they can relate to it.

Anyway. There was one episode from season 2 I missed when BTVS was screening on the telly some xx years back, and I caught it a couple of days ago. On its own, it is a normal ghost love story. But taking into account the history of Buffy [the slayer. duh] and Angel [the cursed vampire] all the episodes before that, watching this episode was like seeing poetic dramatic irony unfold before your eyes, hauntingly beautiful but tragic, in many ways more than one. Read the storyline here.

At the climax of the show where ghost James possessed Buffy and ghost Grace [girlfriend of James] possessed Angelus [ex-lover of Buffy and had turned evil], the intensity of it took my breath away. The multi-layered relationships that were developing all at the same time – James and Grace, Buffy and James, Buffy and Angel, Buffy and Angelus… Wow.. Little wonder critics claimed Josh Whedon‘s a genius. It’s hard to explain, I guess one got to watch the series from the beginning to truly understand the beauty of this episode.

Listen to the exchange [Sorry, can’t find one with subtitling. Neither am I able to embed these two].

Angel and BuffyAngel and Buffy 2

A person doesn’t just wake up and stop loving somebody.


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