Deja Vu

today i walked the paths we have treaded
i was alone, and it was difficult

passed by the shop where you got my bracelet
the one which slipped off due to a loose t-clasp

glanced up only to see the white blue board
a place where we’ve lost ourselves in other worlds

then there, we have shared laughter together
stuffing down the calories, tasting the sweet

down the moving escalator monsters
where you once held my hand so dear

a sea of white, you brought me to the linens’
intending to buy me good and restful sleep

crafts and scrape section where i hurriedly purchased my tools
while you obliviously watched the ‘toons from a distance away

the bites and pieces we bought greedily
to satiate our crazy palates

at the fountain where you rested, unable to walk
with me beside you, pained worried and helpless

had cravings for the chinese dish that could fill 3 bowls
our dish, our craving, this time i resisted
(and when i think of longevity and
foreverness now, i want to cry)

(almost too much) the pasta place, a dab of sinfulness
eating at a time when others were working


every step i take brings me closer to you
every step i take, takes me further from you

ghosts almost with forms, memories of the present
i walked by myself, yet with you; with us

today i ran from the paths we have treaded
i was alone, and there were tears.