Didn’t We Almost Have It All

there is something about this cool night breeze that reminds me of a person.

when we first started going out, he brought me to different places – many places which i have never ventured to before, some places which i never knew existed. and as both of us were busy people, time was short so our nights were long, every drop of minute precious.

somewhere in my memory, he drove us out to a secret place where we stopped the car and strolled down the walkway to the beach. there was a thick strip of sand, and in the front of us breathed the sea, jagged against the black sky. the night was quiet, with only the sweeping of the waves and the cool light breeze to engulf us.

and so there we sat hand in hand, two beach chairs side by side ala meteor garden, watching the planes fly inland, shining their beacon onto the grey waters. it felt like the world closed itself around us, blotting everything out, and that night nothing existed except for him, and me, the cool gentle wind, the infinite sea, and the plane lights reaching as far as the eye could see, and there was something timeless and beautiful and magical about it.

but time is a tyrant, and the moment slipped from us. nothing stays the same forever, and everything i believed wouldn’t change has changed.


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