Seasons May Change

For Christmas last year, Meimei gave Jerry, Ms Ho and me each a desktop calendar with different themes. Mine was a cheery theme called “It’s a brand new day!” as she knows fully well how pessimistic and sentimental I can get.

Today’s pep-talk on the calendar which sits nicely on my office desk:

No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow.

– Guinean proverb


The proverb reminds me of the time in Nihon when sister was talking about Haru-me, Takuya’s Haru-Yuko’s Aki connection. In the show Pride, it was mentioned that Takuya was always following behind Yuko because Spring [Haru] comes after Winter [Aki]. When we were in Osaka, sister pointed out the parallel because Haru was always standing behind me on the escalators ‘following behind’, or following around wherever I went.

Hmm, just a random thought.

But I cling on to faith in this one-liner today for another reason.

Yesterday was difficult. Very difficult, thanks to thoughts which transported me back to the past.

Why can’t I forget? What a cruel punishment in exchange for love given.

Someday soon… I’d like to have Spring in my heart once again. Until then, let me be able to bear this unforgiving internal Winter.


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