The Nay List

When I was younger, I made a list of men with certain occupations whom I will not date / marry. There were five in the list.

I chuck the paper away and forgot all about it.

Fast-forward to today, the list still stands, but I have mentally added two more no-go occupations. I mentioned The List and The Reasons Why to boyfie recently, and he was mightily tickled by my thought process. He kept laughing incredulously at me while I dictated away  [but it does make sense, right right right?!]! Hmph.

1) Actors

Ok, so I’ve done my fair share of drooling over Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and several other celebrity cuties, but when it comes down to it, a relationship with an actor will not make me feel secure. At all. Actors act and they lie and pretend well [unless, of course, if he is a bad actor then urm….]. Plus, the numerous scandals and outrageous behaviour I read in the media about this industry caused me to form an impression of the peeps and it ain’t good. It is a tough tough jungle to handle.

Mr Hot Elf and his hot ex-es and current. *swoons*

2) Lawyers

Have anyone read ‘One L: The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School‘? There was this bit in the book that touched on how lawyers or law students have a tendency to ‘lawyer’ their partner, especially during arguments. I’ll be out-witted, out-talked, outmaneuvered all the time. Gawd.

[Granted, I have been with a law student before but he was very different from the norm (at that time. I don’t know about now), and he had always made a conscious effort not to lawyer me, which I greatly appreciated. I think he’s still reading this blog, so… err.. Hi! *waves*]

3) Policemen

This was in my list in the past because I was thinking how unbearable it would be if I were to date one and I want to get inked, or indulge in the occasional drinks and clubbing, or, I don’t know, do silly things, and the dude were to frown upon all those. That was when I was under the impression that all policemen are straightlaced, uptightright, morally responsible, upstanding pillars of the community, and that anything deems ‘bad’ by society is criminal. Well, I was young.

I don’t want!

[Ok, I know, I know. That was…….. Ok, next!]

4) Politician’s sons

There go Adrian and Warren Mah [as if they will ever give me the time of the day!]. Ahem. The first time I saw Adrian, he was wearing this long leather jacket that reached down to his ankles. Cool~~ *schoolgirl crush* The next time I met him, I was formally introduced to him by Eunice while he was helping out at the Red Cross Society. A cool guy + a kind heart!

But imagine, just imagine, the family convo during dinner. Not like politics is a bad thing to know and discuss, but still! *bimbotic flip of hair*

[I’m aware I am generalising, but am just stating an example!]


I can’t, for the life of me, remember the fifth one.

The additional two similar ones, because they have to be on the list.

6) Accountants

I’m not going to explain where the last $0.01 went to. The one from the xx purchase at xx shopping centre on 15th June 2009, at 1.47pm. Yes, and neither am I going to justify why I had to spend $20.70 at xx supermart on 27th June 2009, at 7.23pm, but if you really want to know, honey, it was groceries and toiletries for our family. Surely you need toilet paper for your business?

7) Auditors