Paint The Sky Black And Red

when a dam of tears

this cold place of


let’s try again, shall i?

if   i..    could…

if i could paint a mural now,
i would awash the sky black and red;
sweep arching bold strokes of despair and fury
snap the ground with gnarled tangled vines,
prickling rose thorns and decaying leaves
and in the middle of the unyielding chaos,
twirl my paintbrush of unmixed thick grey and black
circle it round and round, press harder, harder, faster, faster
a maelstrom of rain pain hurt dust
this is me, why, why, you, i, they, do i stop, can you please…
dig impressions senselessly round and round and round and *breaks*

the pieces of wood fall from my fingers,
and my hand to my side
as i stand,





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