Dance with the Devil II

From months ago, unbeknownst to either; unforeseen.

The meeting of fingers, lightly, gently. Eyes locked, begin. Step, step, pause. Step, step, twirl. The music hums softly; we can barely hear it as we tentatively acquaint ourselves to an unheard tempo. One lead, one follow; change roles. Forward, backwards, bend and tilt. A distant ping, a distinct beat. We flow, we glide, our feet slide around in unison. My foot draws a circle, our hands stretch up, I drop. He pulls me up, we face each other, we smile like we share a secret only we know. Others join, we separate, stumble and trip, close back up. A tune plays, there is now a constant bass. We open up, spin, and stare at each other with intensity. The distance close up, we bodywave, our hips and bodies swaying together. Tango, salsa, bachata – we try them all. Slowly, quickly, gently, roughly. He grasps my waist and I leap up to see the strobes of light untouched in the air. I slide back down, inch by inch; we feel each other right down to each nerve ending. Beads of perspiration shine the skin, our breaths come out quick, our hearts pound to the beat, we are alive, we are alive, we are alive —

Unfamiliar territories, interesting unfoldment. Let’s dance.


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