i freeze us in my soul like how a photograph immortalize moments.
you are here with me for a while
and for a while time grinds to a stop.
we become every friend who has learnt, every undefinable who has questioned, every lover who has loved. the months rush past us, from endless words exchanged day and night, to drinks and laughter in dim smokey spaces, to the moonlit darkness between twilight and dawn.

but reality is time moving, and the moment slips from us. the ground drops away, and weightlessness has never felt so heavy.

this is a pain i do not understand,
and there are emotions i cannot place names to.

nothing makes sense now. you search for me from a distance. i reach out, expecting something tangible. but will there be an answer to all these?
i see it in your damaged and tired soul, how trapped you feel. i can feel you staggering in my arms, your head bent beneath my chin, the tension in your body, and i want so much to make things better for you, i want so much for you to be happy.

so much,
but to what extent
without hurting myself?


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