the light of day bathes your skin as you sleep, and your lashes flutter imperceptibly against the pillow. my eyes trace the details of your face, the sinewy curves of your body disappearing into the sheets. i lie inches away from you, in the sun-streaked room and watch quietly as you navigate around in your oblivion. your breathing evens out, the tension in your muscles eases away, and now that you are asleep you are perfect and i can indulge in the profoundness of the moment.

i wonder what the rest of the world is up to this morning; if they are enjoying their strong cups of coffee in bustling coffee shops, if they fill up musty bookstores, lost in beautiful words and imageries, if someone is loved and being loved, if they are heading to the beach for a well-needed weekend repose, with sun sea and sand as their companions.

how did we end up here? where are we heading with this? so many questions, neither of us daring to answer. i worry, but for now, you are asleep and i am here.

this is the moment i have with you, a fragile moment between us that is mine alone. my heartaches, with all its pain and despair, and your lassitude, quiet and accumulative, they all cease, for a while. outside, time is moving, but here in this place, we stop running, stop fighting, stop hurting. the gentle breeze soothes our brokenness, blanketing us like snow. feeling strangely calm, i close my eyes and fall into another world.

this is fiction, a dream, and it has never been more vivid.