White Knight, Black King

???? Who are you; are you real? What have you done, why did you do what you did? Are you a mere specter, and an illusion and not as true as the goodness of this world? You see me from a one-way mirror, find my shrouded face in the darkness, chose my words and created life from them. Imagination is always different from reality. Are you a phantom, my self-appointed guide and guardian? Why do you circle my life without my knowledge? I now fear because my steps are seen by a ghost. My pain my happiness my frustrations my everything – where do you breathe me from? You hide from my sight, but take seat in my world from behind a glass, and this unfelt presence unfurls like smoke. Do I know you, do you know me? You sneak in, claim me for yourself, but not show me you. I do not sense you, feel you, see you, but you float around me from the first peek of dawn to the last yawn of the night. Who are you? ????


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