Today I read words and all they do is to make me bleed.

Isn’t it strange? Words. Something I love. And something this beautiful can steal my breath away in a such perverse, painful way.

I used to think that reading is a form of escape. For as long as you want, you cease to exist in this reality and get looped into another world of your own choice. But this, I didn’t choose it. And it possesses me like a darkness of the night. Unfurls my fears, stirs the monsters. I get unwillingly intoxicated by it, helpless to stop it and horrified that I. cannot. stop. reacting.

Something so beautiful makes me bleed because I know exactly how it feels.

It is an open secret, what the easiest method anyone can use to destroy me is.

Go on, anyone. Hit me with your hardest. Hit me where it hurts the most. Everything. Today. I will scream within me, but silence is all you are going to hear.