She pressed herself against the cold grey metal pillar and wished she was invisible.

Those thoughts were pelting her like machine gun pellets.

One slipped out. It pooled at the corner, then trailed down tentatively. She lowered her head and texted desperately on her handheld. Without further warning, a lot more gushed out, like water from a broken dam. Everything was a blur. The faceless people who walked by, lost in their own world. The little girl who saw and pointed at her, with a question to her mother. A Caucasian woman holding hands with her partner. Oh, oh. She fumbled for a piece of tissue paper. One, two, three weren’t enough. It felt like pain was spilling out from anywhere possible. The intensity did not relent with each drop.

A pretty lady noticed. She came close and peered at her, genuine concern etched on her face. Does something hurt? She asked.

Does something hurt? Yes, something hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts, so much I can no longer hold my feelings in.